British Library Flickr

In the penultimate Digital History class we looked at image analysis. Anna Pegler-Gordon – an assistant professor of history at the James Madison College of Michigan State University – suggested that visual media often seem more accessible to our students than the written record. Students themselves mention that images make the past seem more accessible, giving concrete shape to a world that sometimes seems intangible.[1] As a student, it is easy to agree with Gordon, as the rise of the internet and social media has made it very easy for images to be spread and shared, so there is no reason why this cannot be used in the world of academic history. One idea that I had was a way to put to use The British Library Flickr page. The British Library uploaded all the images from their books and tagged them online according to what is in the picture. A way to use this could be to tag all the images of maps and specific areas to a larger map and therefore create a giant mapping tool for historians to view changes over time depending on the chosen area.

[1] Anna Pegler-Gordon, Seeing Images in History,


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